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Final event of ECOTROFOOD project

The 17th and 18th of December, 2013 will be held the final event of ECOTROFOOD Project!

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2013 Ecotrophelia Europe competition

Results of the 2013 Ecotrophelia competition: First place for "Ici & Là" (France), Second place for "Choco-Quino" (The Netherlands) and Third place for "Socrock" (Italy).

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2012 Ecotrophelia Europe competition

Results of the 2012 Ecotrophelia competition: Chef Lupin (Netherlands), Cruemel (Germany) and Bread&Cook (France) rewarded.

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National competitions

National competitions of eco-innovative food products are currently being organised across Europe. Students rewarded at national level will be invited to join the European competition. Learn more about these national competitions.

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2011 Ecotrophelia Europe competition

The first edition of ECOTROPHELIA Europe took place on 10 October 2011 in Cologne at ANUGA. Greece, France and Slovenia have been rewarded. The first prize went to the Greek team from the University of Ioannina and the Hellenic Open University Patra for the product "Da Vero - eco-seafood cold cuts".

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Ecotrophelia directory

ECOTROPHELIA directory provides contact details of food federations and universities that participated to the national and European competitions. It will be updated with other types of actors later this year.

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Ecotrophelia food products database

ECOTROPHELIA database provides information on the eco-innovative food products proposed by students in the national and European competition. Details on the products and contact details for further information are only available to registered users.

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About Ecotrophelia

Watch our video to learn more about ECOTROPHELIA competition and discover why it is attractive to both students in food science and to the European food industry.

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Food industry

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